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Telephone: 732.254.3330

Pool Openings Include:

  • Removing and cleaning the cover
  • Removing all plugs and gizmos
  • Installing all jets, eyeballs, and intakes
  • Installing any handrails, ladders, diving boards
  • A light vacuuming of pool
  • Starting up filter, pump, and heater (If the heater doesn’t start it may require a separate service call for us to come back)
  • Adding algaecide and shock
  • Taking a water sample back to our store we test your water and offer free delivery and 15% off chemicals

***OPTION: We can store your Pool cover for your convenience $150.00 storing fee.

Notes: If the pool is green or black at opening the initial vacuuming and chemicals will not clear the pool, once we test your water we will recommend what chemicals and algae kill you need plus additional vacuuming

To remove water and leaves off the cover is $95.00 for every hour

Pool Closings Include:

  • Light vacuuming of pool
  • Blowing out all lines
  • Plugging all lines and skimmers (with customers plugs and gizmos if the customer doesn’t have them we will use ours and add it to the bill)
  • Removing any handrails, ladders, diving boards (if bolts are rusted we will not remove)
  • Add winter algaecide and shock
  • Filling water bags
  • Covering the pool, any type of cover