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We Make Old Pools Look Like New!

We have several methods for re-surfacing pools.

The Only Authorized Fibre Tech Dealer in the North East

If you have an older pool or a pool with problems such as leaks, cracks, stains, discolorations, blisters, crumbling concrete, plaster or any type of pool surface problem we can help.

Fibre Tech (25 Year Warranty)

This is hand applied, patented, 6 step, fiberglass process that forms a waterproof barrier over almost any surface. Perfect for commercial or community pools. It forms a strong, long-lasting, watertight surface that bonds easily to concrete or steel yet remains flexible to structural movement. Stardust is the only authorized Fibre Tech dealer in the tri-state area. Fibre Tech is the only surface material that has a 25-year warranty on material. In addition to permanently ending leaks and cracks, Fibre Tech also saves money by reducing heat loss, it is less prone to get algae, resulting in fewer chemicals needed and less brushing and scrubbing needed.

Before & After
Before & After

FIBRE TECH Advantages

Reduced Maintenance - A Fibre Tech surface is strong, durable and non-porous. You can forget about ever having to resurface again.

Durable - The process is much stronger than conventional surfaces, that it lasts between 25 and 30 YEARS!

Industrial Applications - Fibre Tech surface provides a corrosion-resistant, impermeable surface and can be applied to any surface; steel, concrete, marble, wood, plaster, etc.

Versatile - The coating is applicable to water features of all shapes and sizes because the special blend of resins, ensure bonding to almost any existing surface.

Reduced Chemical Use and Heating - Pools stay 5 degrees warmer with Fibre Tech coating. The stain-resistant qualities of a Fibre Tech surface can save up to 30-50% on chemicals alone, mainly because reduces water loss reduces the need to replace chemicals. Fibre Tech also resists algae so there is no need for scrubbing, acid washing, or wire brushing. Significantly reduced water loss makes it easy to maintain a constant temperature, which reduces heating costs.

25 Year-Warranty

  • Instantly improves a pools & properties appearance.
  • Fibre Tech is good looking, long lasting pool finish that will not: rust like steel walls, tear-like liners, or crack like concrete.
  • Will provide a watertight seal for your pool with a smooth surface.
  • Hand-Laid Application, to ensure an even layer of thickness and structural strength.
  • Quick Installation, the Fibre Tech surface can be applied by hand to an existing water feature in a matter of days

Fibre Tech can correct any facilities surface problems and finish them FOR GOOD!

Diamond Brite (10 Year Warranty)

Diamond Brite pool finish is a unique blend of colored quartz aggregates and polymer modified white Portland cement. Diamond Brite pool finish is ideal for new swimming pool resurfacing. Diamond Brite pool finish is factory blended designed to be extremely durable and give years of pool enjoyment. Diamond Brite pool finish is available in a variety of colors.

The advantages of Diamond Brite pool finish:

  • Superior Bonding
  • Reduced Water Penetration
  • Increased Hardness
  • Extremely Etch Resistant
  • Smooth Slip Resistant Finish
  • 10 Year Warranty

Plaster Marcite (1 Year Warranty)

This is the traditional white cement mixed with crushed marble, troweled to a smooth finish. This was the only finish for years and has always been the "go to" finish.

It will resurface your pool to a bright white finish and rejuvenate the finish of your pool. Our plaster finish carries a 1-year warranty.

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