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Pool Service

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Telephone: 732.254.3330

Weekly Pool Service Includes:

  • Vacuuming pool
  • Cleaning out skimmer baskets and pump basket
  • Equipment check
  • Adding chlorine tablets or whichever sanitation you use
  • Shock and algaecide
  • Taking a water sample back to our store, we test your water and offer free delivery and 15% off chemicals
  • Chemical delivery  (Customer Pays for Chemicals)

Special Services

Pool Inspections - If you are buying or selling your home you need to have a pool inspection done to determine the condition of the pool, pool equipment and pool area. We will do a full inspection and send the report directly to you or your real estate agent.

Unoccupied Properties - At unoccupied properties we will not only perform our weekly pool service, including water tests, adding chemicals, vacuuming, cleaning and backwash filters, we will also do a quick house inspection checking windows, doors and general property condition if requested. We can also clean and maintain the patio and deck area so that it is ready for your return or to be ready to show a prospective buyer.

Cleaning and Prepping - Showing a house on short notice? Give us a call and our staff will clean the pool and deck, clean and arrange patio furniture. We can clean and brighten concrete walkways around the pool area and generally get the pool area in "move-in" condition, adding to the value and appearance of the home.